Big Mama Thornton is one of the most important female blues artists. She performed and recorded "Hound Dog" for the first time and she wrote "Ball & Chain" a song made famous by Janis Joplin. But while she was a great blues artist she never recieved the honour for her work that she deserved. With this Book i will give her this respect for her incredible impact in the music. Her lifestory starting with her time at the Hot Harlem Revue, her years at Houstons famous Peacock Record Label, turning into her years with the Johnny Otis Band, her great success in Europe with the American Folk Blues Festival and her long career as recording and performing artist until her early death will be told here for the first time. The book will include the recollection of her contemporaries: friends, managers, producers and musicians. The Book also shows many photos to illustrate her life, some of them have never been published before. 

Please help financing this book. You will be mentioned in the book as supporter for this project. You also recieve a signed and dedicated copy of the book.

The book includes interviews with:

Tommy Brown, Caroll Peery, Terry Big T DeRouen, Douglas Mac Leod, Perry Yeldham, Ron Thompson, James Anthony, Lee Ashford, Mac Arnold, James Cotton, Nat Dove, Derrick Big Walker, Earl Gilliam, I.J. Gosey, Chris Strachwitz,  Wilbur Bascomb, Peter Malick, Jim Moore, Jimmy McCracklin, Jeannie Cheatham, Fritz Rau, Julius Karpen, Carlos Zialcita, Big Walter Price, Lil`Ray Neal, Roy Book Binder, Bernie Pearl, Bill Sheffield, Peters Andrews, Paul Lenart, Anthony Geraci, Michael “Mudcat” Ward, Al Copley,  Tom Principato, Sandy Morris, Robert Ross, Plume Latraverse, Steve Ditzell, David Hoerl, John Lee Hooker Jr, Charlie Musselwhite, Kim Field, Sam Andrew, James Gurley, Peter Albin, Robert Lowery, Michael Pickett, Tom Mazzolini, Graidy Gaines, Texas Johnny Brown, Raoul J. Cita, Bobby Brown, Benjamin Perkoff, Edward Bland, Michael Erlewine, Billy Dunn and many others

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